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Brand archetypes are mental models that we use to process and make sense of brands. They help us understand brands and how they should communicate.
Our AI agent has studied more brand identity design material than a designer can master in a couple of lifetimes 😉

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Everybody Needs A Strategy
It’s essential to have a high level picture of your approach to branding activities. A good strategy should be aligned with your brand’s core values and identity.
We help you make your customers feel more in common with your brand’s personality.
Who Is Your Brand?
Knowing your brand’s personality is no longer a luxury; it is a must.
Consistent brand voice, vision and story elements come from a clear picture of brand’s psychology. Discover your brand’s values, fears, desires, goals and more.
Your Brand’s Perfect Motto
An ideal motto is short, simple to understand and easy to remember. It perfectly compliments your brand’s values and goals.
Our creative AI agent does the heavy-lifting for you and finds the perfect unique motto for your brand.
Know & Love Your Customer
You need to know your customer’s personality to be able to resonate with their values.
Our AI agent lays out the personality of your typical customer for you. Marketing departments consider it a gem!
Grab Your Brand’s Semantic Hooks
Need to make content for your branding activities but don’t know the main points you must stick to?
We provide you with semantic hooks that synchronises you, your team and your customers in how your brand message and mission is perceived.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an archetype?
Archetypes are the most basic, fundamental, and universal pattern of human experience, and they provide a way of looking at the world and understanding meaning and insight. An archetype is a universal human pattern, an original pattern, and a “template for our perception and judgment of empirical reality.”
What is included in the brand identity kit?
Your brand identity kit includes your brand's personality and psychology, customer profile, motto, strategy and guidelines as well as semantic hooks. We are already working on adding even more components to the kit.
Can I use one account for multiple brand identity projects?
Absolutely! You can design as many alternative brand identities as you like.
What is an AI agent?
"AI agent" is a term to describe a class of smart algorithms that use machine learning technology to do a certain task. LUMEN's AI agent is the largest language model currently available trained on a wide range of design and branding related knowledge databases.

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